The history of D’Aria

The history of D’Aria dates to the 1650’s, when the newly arrived Dutch Colony started farming with wheat, sheep, wine, and vegetables on what was known as Pampoenkraal. The D’Aria farm, as it is now known,  consists of two farms, Doordekraal and Springfield.

Situated in what was then known as D’Urban, after Cape governor Benjamin D’Urban, the Doordekraal farm was granted to Tryntjie Verwey (née Theunisse) in 1668. Widowed shortly after arriving in the Cape, Tryntjie became known as De Boerin (Lady Farmer) due to the great farming success that she achieved on her own. Her daughter, Alida, married Ocker Cornelis Olivier, a farmer near Hooge Bergs Vallei (later known as Springfield). When Ocker died, Alida followed in her mother’s footsteps and continued farming.

Three centuries later, in 1998 and 1999, Barinor Holdings purchased these two farms and so Doordekraal and Springfield became D’Aria. This well-known wine farm now boasts a restaurant, function venues, stylish accommodation options, and a beautiful wine cellar where their delicious and award winning wines can be bought and enjoyed.

Honouring a proud heritage…

Today, Tryntjie and Alida’s challenging work and farming success is still recognised and honoured by D’Aria. We strive to keep the sense of community and family alive by incorporating it into our business philosophy.

In alignment with this proud heritage, the Klein D’Aria Estate is another one of Barinor’s premium developments, which will allow residents and tenants to experience everything this prime countryside location holds.

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